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Posted on: November 3, 2008 9:16 pm

Early season observations

The Philadelphia 76ers started off a little shakey. The team lacked the rhythem necessary for opening night. Turnovers seemed to be the most obvious factor in their loss against the Toronto Raptos. I have finally come to the conclusion that Samuel Dalembert is what he is. I have to stop thinking that he is going to develop into the potential player the 76ers are paying for. He will always show glimpses and undoubtedly will regress back to the weak player who takes bad shots and can't seem to finish one put back. It seems that maybe this team will take longer to gel than anticipated. But one cure for that is to play the Knicks. All the things that caused the struggles against the Raptors were not visible last Friday. The 76ers shot the ball well. They protected the ball and they seemed to flow seemlessly. It was a small dose of the potential that we all hoped for. I would love to play the Knicks a lot more often. The struggles resumed against the Haweks. It is difficult for teams to back to back nights. Its tough to play on the road after a night at home. The 76ers came out great. They shot the ball well, they shared the ball. They built a strong first half lead. Then it fell apart. The team could remember what brought the success of the first half. They took bad shots and didn't seem to defend as well. The Sixers fell apart in the second half and lost. Andre Iguodala struggled to make shots and forced some shots at the wrong times. This led to the Hawks strong comeback. Hopefully the Sixers will be able to find their "Knicks " form on Monday against the Kings.

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