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Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:52 pm
Edited on: November 24, 2008 11:54 pm

Bright Future

To be honest the start of the season has not gone as planned for the Philadelphia Sixers in my opinion. With the strong close to last season, the performance the team had in the playoffs against the Pistons and the off season signings, I anticipated a very competitive team that would be poised to make noise in the Eastern Conference.  Those hopes have not come to fruition. The team has struggled to protect the ball and have had disappointing losses against the Hawks and Timberwolves.  Their have been some bright spots. The team had a huge comeback win against the Pacers.  Fortunately they have also been able to avoid any early injuries. But the brightest spot in all has been the play of second year player, Thaddeous Young.  Having been a Sixers fan for over twenty years I have witnessed some low spots in the draft- Sharon Wright, Shawn Bradley, and Speedy Claxton come to mind. So its really refreshing when the team got one right. I know its really early, but it seems that Young could become a very good player. Hopefully he will be one that we look at and say, "Can you believe 11 teams passed on him?" or "Can't understand how they could have drafted (insert name) ahead of Thaddeous Young". I am not sure that Thaddeous Young will continue to develop into the All Star franchise player that the Sixers need, but he seems headed in the right direction. He is a bright spot in a young season. Hopefully he will turn into a spotlight player that he has shown glimpses of.
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