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Posted on: November 11, 2008 12:15 am

The season contiues....week 2

The Sixers contiued through their season last week. The Sixers came up big in a game against the Sacramento Princes. They executed well and dominated throughout. They shot the ball well. The team even protected the ball. But apparently that was a small blip on their radar. Most people attribute the sixers recent failures to implementing Elton Brand into the offense. The highs of the game against the Kings came crashing down on them. I think that their is a more specific problem. The dose of reality came because of a trip through Florida. The team struggled against the Miami Heat. While the Sixers were able to push the ball and score transition baskets last year, that has not been the case this year. The struggles stem from the Sixers inability to protect the basketball. The high turnovers means their oppostion is off running and scoring quick high percentage baskets. This also prevents the sixers from being able to set up a solid defense. The same pattern continued against the Orlando Magic. The team threw the ball all over the gym. They rreally seem to find new ways to turn it over. This lack of offense is also forcing the Sixers Andre Iguodala to take bad shots. He is trying to be more of a threat but is not playing to his strengths. Iguodals is not a jumpshooter. He is taking bad shots as the game stretches on. Elton Brand is a successful post presence. He can fit into any role. The difference is how the Sixers try to get into the offense. Hopefully the sixers will not continue to struggle if they are not able to get defensive stops. I know that it is really early on in the season to begin to worry, I think that it is vitally important to turn this trend around............

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